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    Anastasia Green

    CEO Be Aware

    Chatbots as a new type of user interface

    Julia Grässer

    Enterprise Sales Executive DACH iMotions

    Powering Innovation through Emotional Analytics

    Sunjoy Mathieu

    Founder Community Catalyst HEALTHINAR

    Bot ethics - what AI can teach us about being human

    Aisha Schnellmann

    Community Catalyst HEALTHINAR

    Bot ethics - what AI can teach us about being human

    Chiara Civardi

    Communication Officer for Science and Technology Balzano Informatik

    ML in the interpretation of knee MRI

    Leo Kangin

    Founder MojiBots.com

    How I Got 300K+ Users in 2 Months on Messenger

    Cem Dilmegani

    co-founder appliedAI

    $100 Billion opportunity: Customer service bots

    Gabriel Piffaretti

    Consultant Green Blue Technologies

    The 4 horsemen of the Chatbocalypse

    Sohan Maheshwar

    Lead Developer Relations Gupshup

    Bot to bot communication: The next frontier

    Owais Afaq

    CTO RightClick.io

    AI to Enhance Emotional Experience

    Tony Lucas

    Co-Founder Converse.AI

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    Antoine AAMARCHA

    Co-founder Gogowego

    Connect smart cities with Chatbots

    Marc Hadfield

    Founder Vital AI

    Haley AI Bot & Agent Platfom

    Jonathan Maskew

    BD Director Clerksroom Direct

    The World's 1st Robot Chatbot Junior Clerk

    Todd Terrazas

    CEO Brainitch

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