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    The worldwide botspot to be. From Switzerland around the world and from the world to Switzerland.

    Ideating about the Bot Business

    September 2016. Within two days the founder Thomas Schulz constructed the idea, website, @sprkybot as well channels in social media and a slack community. Later Ainara Bilbao and Maurice Codourey joined the team. The remarkable premiere on December 7, 2016 attracted more than 20 speakers and 150 participants. The 15 sessions at each 15 minutes voted by the participants scored a cumulated 1000 views. And the twitter channel collected 2500 followers within the first 12 weeks.

    botscamp focuses an overview and knowledge exchange about bots - emphasizing the business side . Without the hassle of travelling to the Swiss mountains or somewhere else. A true online conference reflecting the nature of bots in the digital universe. Join our unique engagement at a much higher frequency than traditional events. All this for free.


    Fasten seat belts. botscamp follows the rapid prototyping method, so we cope with the exponential growth speed.



    Simplicity as a barrier-free driver


    Follow @botscamp, maybe you will be scouted by our friendly @sprkybot. Have a unique newsfeed there, follow the news from the the world of bots. Register and have access to our open slack community where knowledge exchange and ideating is smooth and valuable.

    The participants vote at each botscamp for 15 sessions they want to see and experience. Speakers will be added to our livestream tool with a short training. Replay is available for speakers and participants for free. Missed the botscamp and your preferred session? Book it for an affordable price after the conference.

  • Team

    Here's our first troop of adventurers!

    Founder botscamp

    Swiss, based in Barcelona. Looking for a way to get the bots and their experts behind spreading all over the world with botscamp, the 1st digital conference - all about bots.

    Ainara Bilbao Villelga

    Conference Manager

    Cares about all the schedules, onboarding and coordination of our speakers and community questions.

    Boris Baldinger

    Father | Photographer | Social Media Enthusiast

    With 15 years of experience as a software developer, I still have the code in my blood. The topic of bots and their possibilities fascinates me.





    Maurice Codourey

    PR & Media

    Communication and marketing aficionado, language strategist and content developer. Experiments with bot txt.

  • News Spot

    What we share about botscamp

    🚀 #bottish100 — the 🌏🌍🌎 worldwide ranking of who’s who in the social media 🤖bot universe

    The weekly update about the influencers, bot-curated by botscamp

    January 4th. Discover the bot power flow. Make your choice and follow your bot heroes, join the community and get smarter about the evolution of automatization, A.I., conversational interfaces and more. Read more

    15 sessions, 1000+ viewers — the botscamp Premiere on Dec 7 🚀 rocked.

    Wrap up of the worldwide first 🌏🌍🌎 online conference about 🤖 bots. 🇨🇭 Swiss Made

    December 7th. The first botscamp turned the lights on — brightness on the evolutionary stage of the automatization caused by algorithms. Bots taking over management processes and chatbots delivering answers in dialogues. The two Swiss bot pioneers Thomas Schulz and Maurice Codourey make up a positive balance. Read more

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