• Review botscamp 2, April 2017

    14 speakers, 5 hours live stream, 1000 inspirations

    Megan McGee​

    Javascript Developer, Make Bots

    Public Health and the Conversational Interface

    Dan Gailey

    Founder & CEO RadBots

    Monetizing Chatbots​

    Tom Hewitson

    Conversation Designer The Chatbot Agency

    Creating chatbot characters

    John Koetsier

    Journalist, analyst, economist, futurist

    Bots, apps, web: when to use each

    Lucas Ives

    Head of Conversation Engineering PullString

    The Character Imperative in Computer Conversation

    Jack Crawford

    Founder and CEO datalog.ai

    Conversational AI for Bots and Applications

    Ariel Jalali

    CEO Sensay

    The anatomy of a large scale human routing engine​

    Vaida Alisauskaite

    Director Webmobix

    AI for Language Learning

    Rui Teimao​

    Chat and voice app maker Conversation Design

    The future of fan engagement

    Hajnalka Hejja

    CEO Smart Health UG / MediLad

    How to improve your bot based on user input

    Kirk Borne

    Principal Data Scientist Booz Allen Hamilton

    What is Cognitive Computing, AI, and Machine Learning?

    Tobias Drechsel​

    Founder Vialogue

    Bots in Banks

    Ilker Koksal

    CEO & Co-founder Botanalytics

    Automated analytics for more engaged bots

  • Look back - botscamp Dec 7, 2016

    15 bot sessions, 2 innovation partners, the 1 and only botscamp. Swiss Made.

    Opening and Welcome of the botscamp premiere

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    Thomas Schulz and Maurice Codourey welcome all speakers and participants. And the innovation circle partners Swisscom Health and Digitalswitzerland will send out a welcome to the Bot World too.

    Peter Buchroithner (the highest voted session)

    How Multi-Platform-Thinking helped us to reach 1 Million users

    As a Multi-Platform Social Network we grew from 0 to 100k users within a month and reached 300k bot users just 1 month later.


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    Alan Nichol

    Building chat bots with deep learning

    There is a lot of work to be done before we can build conversational software. For now, it’s an ugly marriage of bits of AI which “kind of” work and lots of hand coding. I'll illustrate better ways.


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    Dimitris Tsirikos

    GuestBot: Treat hotel guests as VIPs

    A multilingual bot especially for hotels, a virtual reception desk


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    Sibylle Peuker

    Human-Centered by Design – What we can learn from Chatbots

    Chatbots, our new heros, need to have deep empathy for their users. But how do we design a conversation that brings real value? I will share what we learned in Workshops for amazing bot experiences.


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    Luis Quina

    Ottspott: Your phone support bot. Inside Slack.

    How to create a Voice & SMS support using a Slackbot. I will share during this session how to find the perfect mix between providing communication features and bot features.


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    Maurice Codourey

    Shaila, the smart healthcare community bot

    A pilot project about community building in healthcare > smarthealthlab.com


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    Hicham TAHIRI

    Improving your bots overtime.

    Launching a bot is just the beginning of the bot lifecycle. In this session, you will learn practical techniques to make it learn and improve overtime.


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    Cyril Dorsaz

    Learnings from building the first Swiss retail chatbot

    No more paper coupons! The ok.- chatbot is the first Swiss retail chatbot that offers relevant deals to customers. Join us to learn how we built it and what we have learned.


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    Ilker Koksal

    Automated analytics for more engaged bots

    Conversational analytics is much differ than the mobile&web analytics. How to re-engage users without spending so much time is critical. Let's dive deep how to rock the retain & re-engagement.


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    Adam Fingerman

    Good Bot, Bad Bot: How Chatbots Fit in our Digital Universe

    What is it that separates good bots from the bad ones? Good ones take on the role of helpful concierge – one that can direct users to the information they need. But, they don’t try to do EVERYTHING.


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    Daniel Niklaus

    Is the time for bots finally here?

    In this discussion you will see exactly how bots fit in to today’s corporate communications space.


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    Barbara Ondrisek

    Lessons learned creating a virtual personality

    Creating a chatbot is only 50% programming. The other half is designing a sparkling personality people love talking to. In this talk Barbara Ondrisek shares her insights on UX topics.


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    Sunjoy Mathieu & Aisha Schnellmann

    Do bots need a gender? And why does this matter?

    Siri, Cortana - the virtual assistants from Apple and Microsoft, as well as Alexa from Amazon Echo are all female-gendered, same with bots. Let’s discuss why & what might result from this development.


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    Akemi Tazaki

    Design considerations for machine learning system

    How do you create a right personality of a bot when the technology is still in its infancy? Can we yet speak about UX of a bot or just personality?


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    Round Table, Closing Session

    About Botification

    A talk with the 5 highest voted sessions.


    Participants: Peter Buchroithner, Alan Nichol, Sibylle Peuker, Cyril Dorsaz and Adam Fingerman. Moderation: Thomas Schulz and Maurice Codourey.


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